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Yorkies are tiny whispers of angelic healing for your soul. They will steal your heart in an instant and it is impossible to ever fall out of love with them once you are hooked. Never has there been a companion as loyal and trustworthy anywhere in this world. They are gentle little angels sporting giant hearts. Investing your love in a Yorkie, will yield returns you have never expected!

Taking care of a Yorkie takes time, endless patience, energy, countless expenses, and it is a long term commitment but in return you will have unconditional love, a loyal and brave partner and the most adoring companionship you could ever imagine! They will become the centre of attention in your life, even the most hard-hearted of people will melt in their presence and nothing will ever be quite as worthwhile as owning a Yorkie. If your lifestyle is not suited to provide a lot of attention, love, care and commitment, you should reconsider your choice of pet.

Yorkies are not ordinary dogs. They are very, very special little “people” and should be cared for accordingly. Please be prepared to take care of this special little gift. It will change your life forever, inhabit your heart long after it has left this world and you will never love another breed of dog in the same manner again.