YorkiesParadise - Care


Being owned by a Yorkie Puppy is a privilege and joy you could never, ever imagine unless you dare to endeavour on this wonderful journey!

“and in those amazing Yorkie-eyes grew a kind of love greater than any human would ever be capable of… she became my reason to live…and love… and trust again…”

This is the beginning of a wonderful adventure filled with love, laughs, tenderness, playful innocence and the companionship of a splendid little being that will change your life forever!

Yorkie owners all over the world will tell you that it is impossible to describe the love you develop for these unique little four-legged “people”.

Remember when you take your Yorkie home for the first time that he is scared and confused. He doesn’t know why strangers are taking him away from his mother and siblings, the familiar warmth of his loving home and everything that made him feel safe and cared for.

You will have to be patient, loving, soft-spoken and kind in order to make your puppy feel at home and to start relaxing. Do not overwhelm your puppy with too many faces and noises at once. Try to do some pre-planning before you take the little one home.

There is no sweeter companion than a Yorkie, but they are fragile little creatures and you need to treat them accordingly and make time to gently bond with your splendid little baby.


Yorkies tend to become anxious and they easily experience separation anxiety. Daily exercises (a nice brisk walk is ideal) will be of tremendous value in calming your Yorkie. They will need to drink plenty of water and rest after a walk. – remember that this is a tiny breed and they can not be expected to walk the same distance as other breeds but nevertheless they need the exercise to stay healthy and well balanced.

Do not allow anybody to unnerve your baby. Loud noises, inappropriate teasing and unruly children will inevitably upset your Yorkie. Keep your house Yorkie-friendly by teaching family members to behave appropriately around the puppy and to respect your precious little baby for as long as she is part of the family.

Do not encourage jumping up – this is a dog’s way of trying to establish dominance. Wait until he is calmly standing at your side before you pet or praise him.

Yorkies are made of “cute”...making it very hard to discipline them. You should be mostly loving and enjoying your Yorkie, but just like children they need the security of a “parent” setting limits and making them feel safe.