YorkiesParadise - Hotel


Yorkies are very special little people and cannot be left just anywhere when you go on holiday.

At YorkiesParadise, we cater for your precious Yorkies, welcoming them into our home to socialize, be pampered and play along with our own furry family members for the duration of their stay. Guests are never locked up in kennels.

We have 30 plus years of Yorkie experience, 24 hour Veterinary standby services, 24 hour supervision and lots of love to go around.

There are plenty of toys and warm, cosy beds and special chairs to snuggle into. You are welcome to bring along their familiar beds and toys. We can however not guarantee that the other guests won’t chew them up... Being a Yorkie owner you will definitely understand that possibility... and being a Yorkie owner you will probably not mind! Be sure to convey special needs and feeding requirements and bring along the food they are familiar with. We insist on guests being groomed when they are dropped off for their holiday to ensure hygiene and minimize health risks for all the guests that are staying. Only guests with up to date immunisation records available, will be allowed to stay at YorkiesParadise. We regret that no Ringworm, Parvo or Kennel-cough infected dogs can be booked in. Please ensure that your Yorkie is free of fleas.

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